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The Not-So-Brief History of Climate Change Science

As part of my ongoing collaboration with NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 mission, I’ve put together this 4-minute history of climate change science.  Global warming may seem like a recent issue, but people have been investigating it for a long time.   Only by choosing to engage with the natural world and gathering information can […]

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Ocean180 & the Amazon River Plume

Here is the story of two microscopic creatures, caught between life and death, who together bring life to an entire ocean. That’s the opening of the video abstract that I recently put together with Dr. Laurence Yeung and Nic Perez for the Ocean180 Video Challenge – an outstanding new contest for ocean scientists to bring their […]

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Lightweight Champs in Poster Form

Here’s the poster version for my latest episode – you can follow the star path or look up something specific (or watch the video)!

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Episode 3 – Lightweight Champs!

A situation of some gravity… Script and image sources are listed below.

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Sources for Episode 3

Lots of good stuff this time around! I have to send a special thank-you to Daniel Kennefick for weighing in on (no pun intended) the script, and to my husband, Jon, and all of the PHDtv team for providing feedback on the various drafts. Sources: Original publication of the expedition results: Dyson, et al.: “A […]

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Ep. 2 in Poster Form: Arrr!

Here’s all of Episode 2 (Arrr, Scurvy Knaves!) in one handy giant poster.  Actually, it’s the same exact poster I used to make the video, except for the big, red, dashed line that’s supposed to help you figure out how to read it – the path got a little crazy this time!

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Episode 2 – Scurvy Knaves!

When’s the last time you worried about getting scurvy? Probably not too recently! That’s because we know that it’s caused by a deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is abundant in fresh foods that are normally readily available.  If you were to stop getting enough vitamin C, you’d be in big trouble because your […]

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Arrr, Ye Scurvy Sources!

It’s taken quite a bit of reading over the past several weeks to put together the second episode of this series, and there’s so much that didn’t make it in!  Here’s a list of sources for the images and information: On Scurvy and Vitamin C: A Treatise on the Scurvy by James Lind The Surgions […]

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Ep. 1 Poster Version: Shock and Awe

For anyone who would like to read through the text or study the images at a more leisurely pace:

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Shock and Awe – Episode 1!

See the previous post for sources and more information, and be sure to watch in HD!

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