Physics Central Podcast: Gravitational Waves

Exciting news! I just completed my first episode for the PhysicsCentral podcast (part of an overall outreach effort by the American Physical Society), and it looks like I’ll be able to contribute regularly!

The podcast is aimed at anyone (roughly high school level and up) with an interest in physics, and this episode focuses on gravitational waves and what a direct detection will mean for our understanding of the universe.  I interviewed Dr. Chiara Mingarelli, a Marie Curie Fellow at Caltech working with pulsar timing arrays, and Dr. Kari Alison Hodge, who recently received her Ph.D. from Caltech working on LIGO.  Take a listen! There are also some really cool “sounds” modeling black hole and neutron star mergers.


LIGO observatory in Livingston, LA


Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA)

Gravitational Wave Detectors and Sources

Neat interactive tool for understanding gravitational wave sources and detectors!

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