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Hi! My name is Meg, and I recently earned my doctorate in planetary science, with additional specialization in history of science, from Caltech.  I’m a scientist, historian, and science communicator, and I’m passionate about exploring new media to bring academic research to a broader audience.  You can check out some of my recent projects on my website.

I just moved to Somerville, MA, with my brilliant and (astonishingly) supportive husband and our miniature schnauzer, Simon.

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  1. rkraince says:


    That’s a great little video and it’s put together very well. Would you mind if I asked how you did your graphics?

    I also have to say that glacial rebound has been used to explain the erosion of the southern shore of Lake Erie with the lake spilling southward as a result of the continent’s rise in the north. Do you think this is the case?


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