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Episode 2 – Scurvy Knaves!

When’s the last time you worried about getting scurvy? Probably not too recently! That’s because we know that it’s caused by a deficiency of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which is abundant in fresh foods that are normally readily available.  If you were to stop getting enough vitamin C, you’d be in big trouble because your […]

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Arrr, Ye Scurvy Sources!

It’s taken quite a bit of reading over the past several weeks to put together the second episode of this series, and there’s so much that didn’t make it in!  Here’s a list of sources for the images and information: On Scurvy and Vitamin C: A Treatise on the Scurvy by James Lind The Surgions […]

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Episode 2 is Coming!

It’s been a little quiet here for the past few weeks while I’ve been busily working away on the second episode of True Anomalies (Tales from the History of Science) – I’m excited!  Here’s a sneak peek: Yup, it’s about scurvy (and guinea pigs).  Stay tuned! (Also, credit for the meme idea goes to my […]

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