Sources for Episode 3

Lots of good stuff this time around! I have to send a special thank-you to Daniel Kennefick for weighing in on (no pun intended) the script, and to my husband, Jon, and all of the PHDtv team for providing feedback on the various drafts.


Original publication of the expedition results: Dyson, et al.: “A Determination of the Deflection of Light by the Sun’s Gravitational Field, from Observations Made at the Total Eclipse of May 29, 1919” (This is also where the final figure plotting the data comes from.)

1979 Re-analysis of the Sobral data:  Harvey, G. M.: “Gravitational Deflection of Light: A Re-examination of the observations of the solar eclipse of 1919”

Two great articles by D. Kennefick: “Not Only Because of Theory: Dyson, Eddington, and the Competing Myths of the 1919 Eclipse Expedition” & “Testing relativity from the 1919 eclipse – A question of bias”

NASA Eclipse Database and specific information on the 1919 eclipse

By Matthew Stanley: “An Expedition to Heal the Wounds of War:  The 1919 Eclipse and Eddington as a Quaker Adventurer”

Many of the diagrams (the deflection of light by the Sun, the map of displaced stars, the warped mesh) either came directly or were adapted from figures in Eddington’s Space Time and Gravitation

The path of totality map was based on an image published in the Illustrated London News.

Wikipedia:  Eddington, Dyson, Einstein, 1919 Eclipse, list of NYC ticker tape parades

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