They have this thing called “autumn” here…

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It’s been a little more than a month since we arrived in Somerville, and it still hasn’t quite sunk in.  After living in Pasadena for eight years, it still feels like we might be heading back any day now, as if the last few weeks have just been an extended vacation, and it’s ending now.  But we’re here! And so far it’s been pretty wonderful.  We’re still not completely unpacked and we miss our California friends to no end and I’m figuring out how to best work from home and not go stir-crazy, but September and October have already been jammed full of reunions with old friends, meeting online friends in person, family visits, and just all-around awesome experiences.  I visited the Great Refractor at Harvard and stood under the USS Constitution while it’s in dry dock.  I’ve gobbled steamed pork buns and sampled various local craft beers, and yesterday I had my first Union Square Donut (which was amazing)1.  At the annual meeting of the NASW2 this past weekend, I got to meet some of my heroes and connect with the local science writing community (there’s some overlap there).  And this weekend we’re going to go get lost in a corn maze3 because they have autumn here and that’s a thing that actually happens.  I’m so grateful to everyone who has reached out and welcomed us here, and I’m really looking forward to feeling at home in the Cambridge area again.


I’ve let this blog lapse a bit over the past few weeks (and months, to be honest), and that may continue for a bit while I get my feet back under me.  I’m thinking hard about what I want it to become and how I can best achieve those goals, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  In the meantime, thanks for all the support!

  1. It was a sea-salted bourbon caramel donut…how could you go wrong?
  2. National Association of Science Writers
  3. A maize maze, if you will…
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